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Traditional Thai massage has been practised in more or less its present form for more than 1,000 years . It is part of the family of oriental techniques based on the healing theory of intrinsic energy flows and energy balance, similar to the Chinese massage Tui Na, Indian ayurvedic manipulation based massage and the Japanese Shiatsu massage. An obvious Indian influence of yoga stretching and breathing but also the careful use of energy channels – the method is called Sen – is noticeable. In today’s words, traditional Thai massage removes the feeling of fatigue, muscle convulsions and nerve strain, stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, and makes muscles, joints and tendons loose and flexible.

Massages are given by qualified Thai therapists, who have many years’ experiences working in foreign spa resorts and physiotherapy facilities.


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60 min. – 45 € / 90 min. – 55 €

A very popular aromatherapeutic procedure connects action of tropic scents with calming massage. It contains components of traditional Thai massage, acupressure and Indian ajurveda. If you look for a relaxation, Aroma massage is the best choice for you. You can choose a massage oil according to your desire.

45 min. – 30 € / 60 min. – 45 € / 90 min. – 55 €

The traditional Thai reflex massage is a famous technique, formerly practised only in Thailand’s temples by Masters familiar with the treatment. Using force, it works on pressure points, muscles and tendons, it bends and stretches the backbone, removes tension, relaxes joints and instils an overwhelming sense of calm into the body. The massage is suitable

45 min. – 30 € / 60 min. – 50 € / 90 min. – 60 € (with hot stone)

Special combination of techniques using relieving kaffir leaf and spearmint balm, concentrating on your back part from cocycle, lumbar sacrum area through the spine also focused on sciatic nerve and finished with acupressure on your shoulder, neck and head. Repeated treatment may relieve even chronicle backache.

30 min. – 20 € / 45 min. – 30 € / 60 min. – 45 €

An acupressure massage of the reflex points on the feet to achieve a feeling of lightness and vigour.

30 min. – 20 €

For fast relief, a regenerative reflex massage of the head, ears, nape and shoulders. Removes the feeling of stress and tension.

60 min. – 45 eur

A pre and postnatal massage brings relief to your feet, legs and abdominal region. Please consult the suitability with our staff according to the pregnancy week or health status.


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